Contemporary Japanese art and the mirage of time in the bleak midwinter

Contemporary Japanese art and the mirage of time in the bleak midwinter

Sawako Utsumi hails from northern Japan and in her latest landscape, you can depict the partial influence of Suzuki Kiitsu (1796-1858). Yet, unlike Kiitsu who focused on rinpa art, the latest stunning art piece by Utsumi is set on a normal canvas and is firmly focused on landscape art. Equally important, Utsumi only utilizes a singular angle of Kiitsu related to the backdrop of the river. Thus, she unearths an adorable landscape titled “Stunning Bleak Midwinter art of Northern Japan.”

Indeed, for Utsumi, her main focus is on producing an adorable winter setting that links the artistic past with her own upbringing in northern Japan. In other words, she transcends time through the prism of art.

Interestingly, the bleak midwinter landscape by Utsumi does produce the feeling of tranquility if viewed from a distance. Of course, solitude and tranquility equate to different meanings because for some individuals they adore the remoteness of nature. Therefore, this remoteness and bleakness can reawaken the soul and provide a fresh momentum outside the world of the “madding crowds.”

Of major difference to the influence of Kiitsu (original is above) is the winter setting, focusing on a traditionally based landscape, one tree instead of a plethora, and being more spiritual. Thus, the passages of time are just like a butterfly but with the difference being the imagination that forms in this fleeting life.

Overall, the latest delightful art piece by Utsumi hits all the correct notes. This relates the bleakness of winter, the spiritual dimension whereby Shintoism is unseen but seen, and a bleak setting that denotes a multitude of emotions for each respective viewer.

By Lee Jay Walker – Sawako Utsumi and where you can buy her art, postcards, bags, and other products. Also, individuals can contact her for individual requests.


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