Contemporary Japanese artist and Utrillo in a New Transcendent Light

Contemporary Japanese artist and Utrillo in a New Transcendent Light

The delightful contemporary Japanese artist Sawako Utsumi is once more paying homage to Maurice Utrillo (1883-1955). Like usual, the color scheme and hidden cultural meanings spring to mind. Therefore, the art piece titled “Utrillo in a New Transcendent Japanese Light,” appeals greatly.

Utrillo had a very testing upbringing where he lacked any sense of belonging. Unsurprisingly, from adulthood until his passing away from this earth, issues related to mental health attached to his soul.

Utrillo said, “As recognition for my efforts, I received harsh sarcasm. Still, I pressed onward. In the beginning I sold my canvases for two francs, and later, little by little, I entered into this difficult career as my life’s work.”

In time, the Christian faith and marriage would lead to a more coherent lifestyle for Utrillo. Thus, when viewing the art of Utrillo, much depends on the period of his life for what is seen and unseen within his psychology. Therefore, Utsumi seeks to create her dimension to the art of Utrillo by fusing it with her upbringing.

On the Bailly Gallery website, it says, “Utrillo married in 1925 to Lucie Valore, the widow of one of his collectors, Robert Pauwels. The couple moved to the Parisian suburb of Vésinet where Utrillo stopped drinking, focusing on religion instead – a pious end of life which came with more and more muteness.”

Overall, the latest art piece by Utsumi is extremely stunning. This relates to the delightful color scheme that is uplifting. Hence, her art piece relates to the radiance of hope but based on the strengthening of a positive inner solitude.

By Lee Jay Walker

Book Review: Sawako Utsumi and her Kindred Spirit

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