Japanese art: The desolate Japanese Buddhist path

Japanese art: The desolate Japanese Buddhist path

By Lee Jay Walker

Sawako Utsumi is a gifted contemporary Japanese artist. In her latest art piece, titled “The desolate Japanese Buddhist path,” Utsumi once more fuses culture, nature, and Buddhism. Ironically, she does this despite being a follower of Shintoism.

This concerns her connection with old Buddhism that ticked to a different clock. Notably, like Shintoism, this relates to countryside Buddhism and Shintoism outside bustling major cities that attract pilgrims and tourists alike. Therefore, during times of continuity, despair, hope, and solace, the old Buddhist temples in the countryside – or one’s struggling in big cities – provide a connection with her inner soul and the emotions that concern her at the given time.

The stunning art piece titled “The desolate Japanese Buddhist path” delivers amazingly well. One can imagine the invisible soul and the living person in search of solace in such a lovely landscape. Like quantum entanglement, where dreams of the dearly departed once more meet concerning the mysteries of this world – desolation, mystery, and solace now bring eternal hope through the prism of nature and faith.

This life is short in comparison to this universe being many billions of years old. One day it can be summer and the next deep winter. Yet, for many, this life is full of pain punctuated by moments of joy for the lucky ones. Even today, so many die in poorer nations from malnutrition, malaria, measles, tuberculosis, and other ills at higher rates from Burkina Faso to India. Also, wars and ecological disasters are never-ending. Therefore, for one brief moment in this adorable art piece, only the invisible wanderer or the lost soul exists – in search of solace because of so much desolation in this world.

Hence, Utsumi – or the soul of the departed – or anyone searching – is part of this search. Thus the winter landscape, failing light, and the wisdom of old Japanese Buddhism are one of many directions to enhance the individual – or the departed soul seeking a new home.

Overall, another stunning art piece by Utsumi that resonates well with people seeking solace during times of desolation.



http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/sawako-utsumi.html – Sawako Utsumi and where you can buy her art, postcards, bags, and other products. Also, individuals can contact her for individual requests.

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