Edale Church And Beautiful Landscape in Derbyshire by Sawako Utsumi

Edale Church and Beautiful Landscape in Derbyshire by Sawako Utsumi


Edale in the High Peak is a very beautiful place to visit in this part of Derbyshire. The small size community in the central location further adds to the power of the main Christian church that stands out dramatically. Therefore, one is spoiled for choice when selecting the backdrop because Edale is a real treasure.

In the art piece by Sawako Utsumi it is clear that the central theme compliments the stunning landscape. Not only this, but the color scheme selected for the church and the power of nature becomes extremely apparent.

Indeed, when viewing this adorable art piece then immediately it makes you wish that you could transport yourself to Edale, in order to feel the power of nature and spirituality. Once more, Sawako is highlighting the natural beauty of the High Peak, while also focusing on the richness of Christianity in this part of England.

Lee Jay Walker

http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/sawako-utsumi.html – Sawako Utsumi and where you can buy her art, post cards, bags, and other products. Also, individuals can contact her for individual requests.



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