Japanese Shinto Shrine and Isolated Buddhist Monk by Sawako Utsumi

Japanese Shinto Shrine and Isolated Buddhist Monk by Sawako Utsumi


Kamisaka Sekka (1866-1942) utilized part of his art by focusing on simplicity but within the realm of sophistication based on hidden meanings. Of course, individuals can create, or shatter the myths of hidden meanings and in this sense only Sekka will know the answer. However, the beauty of art is that people can provide their own meanings. Therefore, Sawako Utsumi focuses on this angle.

In this adorable art piece by Sawako she focuses on the fusions of the original image by Sekka but adds her own dimensions based on the mountain backdrop and the Shinto shrine. Yet, is the Buddhist monk yearning for the shrine – or is it solely based on paying respect?

Given the weather conditions, highlighted by the monk, then what do you think?

Lee Jay Walker




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