Art Book of Japan and European Art: Buddhism, Churches, Derbyshire, Dutch Art, Shinto, and Ukiyo-e

Art Book of Japan and European Art: Buddhism, Churches, Derbyshire, Dutch Art, Shinto, and Ukiyo-e

Tomoko Hara

Modern Tokyo Times

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The art book Sawako Utsumi and her Kindred Spirit and the under title European and Japanese Art: Buddhism, Christianity, Landscapes, Rinpa, Shintoism, Ukiyo-e, and Dutch Masters, is a real gem. This is based on the unique and complex themes chosen by the artist Sawako Utsumi. Therefore, if you adore contemporary artists who focus on culture and landscapes – while fusing this with various faiths, then this book is well worth buying because of the adorable art pieces by this developing artist (


Like the title suggests, you have a plethora of different themes. Indeed, this is the beauty of this book that is written by Lee Jay Walker because the flows and contours cover many unique traits of Japan, where Utsumi hails from. At the same time, blending this with unique homages to specific European artists. Therefore, the world of Japanese Ukiyo-e sits most favorably with esteemed Dutch Masters then flows naturally to her own personal landscapes of the High Peak region of Derbyshire.

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The book says Sawako Utsumi is a modern artist from Japan who adores the richness of European and Japanese art. At the same time, this exquisite artist also adores painting landscapes of the natural beauty of the High Peak in Derbyshire, the richness of Christian churches that dot the landscape of this part of England and fusing ideas from her Buddhist and Shinto background.”

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Lee Jay Walker continues by saying, “Artists of homage in this book apply to Ando Hiroshige, Sakai Hoitsu, L.S. Lowry, Aert van der Neer, Kamisaka Sekka, Yokoyama Taikan, Maurice Utrillo, and Esaias van de Velde. Despite this, Sawako Utsumi imbues her own stamp on individual homages based on various seasons of the year, angles, color schemes, concepts, and other important factors. At the same time, this progressive Japanese artist focuses on personal landscapes that are heavily influenced by the natural beauty of Derbyshire and West Yorkshire in England.”


In this intriguing art book Utsumi focuses on L.S. Lowry, and other unique and distinguished artists like Aert van der Neer and Kamisaka Sekka, yet the intriguing angle is Lowry. This independent artist said about aspects of his natural environment, “At first I detested it, and then, after years I got pretty interested in it, then obsessed by it … One day I missed a train from Pendlebury – (a place) I had ignored for seven years — and as I left the station I saw the Acme Spinning Company’s mill … The huge black framework of rows of yellow-lit windows standing up against the sad, damp charged afternoon sky. The mill was turning out … I watched this scene — which I’d looked at many times without seeing — with rapture…”


Utsumi, just like Lowry, but for very different reasons, re-galvanized her art after meeting Lee Jay Walker who ironically hails from a similar part of England that Lowry knew full well. Therefore, the natural internal talents of Utsumi suddenly took a new artistic path whereby she became imbued with a new passion that brings together several parts of the world. On top of this, the faiths of Buddhism, Christianity, and Shintoism, creates a lovely unique dimension. The same equally applies to acknowledging artists from different centuries, for example, Esaias van de Velde and Maurice Utrillo, while not to neglect her own personal landscapes of the High Peak area of stunning Derbyshire in England.

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Overall, if you adore art, culture, landscapes, the fusions of different faiths, and other notable areas, then the book Sawako Utsumi and her Kindred Spirit comes highly recommended.


Book Review: Sawako Utsumi and her Kindred Spirit

European and Japanese Art: Buddhism, Christianity, Landscapes, Rinpa, Shintoism, Ukiyo-e, and Dutch Masters – Please click on to order the book.

Sawako Utsumi personal website: – Sawako Utsumi and where you can buy her art, postcards, bags, and other products. Also, individuals can contact her for individual requests.

Please email Sawako Utsumi at

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